2015 – The Year of the Refugee

In 2015 more than one million people entered Europe by land and sea, the largest mass migration since WWII. Nearly all of these people risked their lives by crossing the sea, with a reported 500,000 landing at the small Greek island of Lesvos. Many European countries have opened their hearts and their homes. Hundreds of volunteers have emerged to complement the efforts of the NGOs providing aid and relief.  The vast majority of migrants are refugees, with the ongoing conflict in Syria driving hundreds of thousands of people from their homes due to the complete devastation of communities. Unfortunately over 3,700 people have lost their lives attempting to reach safety, such is their desperation to escape. Many of these were children. The washed up body of toddler Alan Kurdi (originally reported as Aylan Kurdi) horrified the world. Let us not forget – this atrocity has not gone away. But person by person we can collectively make a difference – every one of us has the ability to drive change. Let 2016 be the year of change #safepassage.

Here are our memories of 2015, photography by Brian Rutter at Kincaid Photography.


Data source: International Organisation for Migration (IOM). 

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